What’s Happening at SRE From Home

After a brief postponement, Catchpoint’s “SRE from Home” live event is fast coming up. Thursday, July 23rd, join us between 12- 4:20pm for a series of talks polling, and panels, to explore how Site Reliability Engineers are adapting to ‘all-remote’ operations and what we can learn from each other! “We…

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Effective DEM

Effective Digital Experience Monitoring

What makes for an effective digital experience monitoring (DEM) strategy? The simple answer: a focus on the end user.   End users, both customer and employee, are accessing your services from a variety of locations and from a worldwide perspective (this is of course even more true currently with so many remote workforces in play). To get to…

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Customer Experience Monitoring

Synthetics 101: Monitoring You Can Trust

Not all synthetic monitoring solutions are created equal. Some are newcomers that understand the value this technology brings to today’s global economy. Others are legacy providers in the APM space trying to become more relevant. Then there are well established DEM providers, which claim a worldwide presence, but on looking closer, in fact, have porous coverage and…

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