9 Resources to Help You Thrive in Your DevOps Role

From implementing new software, increasing release velocity, or improving CI/CD processes, DevOps principles and practices continue to inform the digital transformation initiatives at leading enterprise organizations. “In 2020, we will see organizations [continue to] embrace DevOps practices at all levels,” says Tom Iverson, managing principal, cloud and DevOps at RBA. DevOps…

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The anatomy of a post-incident review (that actually works)

In a world of CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous delivery) and constant testing throughout the software delivery lifecycle, teams can easily overlook the importance of post-incident reviews. The continuous improvement of monitoring and incident response processes require thorough post-incident analyses of both technology and people. Integrating experience monitoring tools with…

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How To Manage DNS in China

This is a guest blog post from Carl Levine, Senior Technical Evangelist at NS1. Boasting the largest population of internet users in the world, China remains one of the greatest opportunities and risks in the proliferation of an open, and free internet. While the country has been “online” since the…

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