The Only Path to Change is Action!

The last few weeks have been terribly difficult for our country and the world. We are seeing global citizens around the world protesting in pain – not only for George Floyd, but also for Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and so many other Black Americans who have been unjustly denied their…

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A Letter to the Community

After conversing with our partners, speakers, and community, we have decided to postpone SRE from Home, which we created as a community event to discuss how SREs are adapting to all-remote IT operations. We are postponing in support of a more critical conversation taking place in America and the world right now.  Catchpoint supports racial equality, denounces any form of police brutality, and believes that the voices of the Black community need to be heard on all available platforms. We see you, hear you, and are…

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API Monitoring

Monitoring APIs for Better Performance

In this week’s Tip Tuesday, we are focusing on API monitoring. APIs are a set of rules or standards, which extend the functionality of an application, allowing different applications and/or programs to interact. These little helpers are built with flexibility and ease of integration in mind. APIs simplify programming, allowing developers to build complex applications without having…

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Building an Effective Alert Strategy

Alerts are an essential part of performance monitoring. Alerts and notifications need to be sent out as soon as an issue is identified, allowing you to know about any problems before your customers do. In this week’s Tip Tuesday, we look at building an effective alert strategy and how to…

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service reliability

Three Ways to Improve Service Reliability

The move to a more hybrid and distributed application architecture has pushed cloud providers to offer higher availability. Availability has become the key differentiator among competitors. The focus on offering higher and higher availability comes at the cost of other vital performance factors such as service reliability. This blog discusses…

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Effective DEM

Effective Management of your DEM Solution

We are all living digitally right now, at work and at home. In our normal day-to-day lives, digital experiences are also pervasive as both consumers and employees. In Gartner’s Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) Market Guide (September 2019), improving user digital experience was placed at the center of any digital transformation…

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