Robot and human arm wrestling

Real user monitoring vs synthetic monitoring

Website monitoring solutions play a significant role in maintaining the performance, availability, and reliability of the digital world. The insight provided by monitoring tools is helping online applications improve while delivering a positive end-user experience. Performance of an application has a direct impact on factors that define a successful business,…

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The next 10 years

When we started Catchpoint ten years ago, the cloud was just emerging. Google and Amazon were using their own cloud infrastructure. 2008 was all about Virtualization, the first step towards abstracting the physical layer. Yet, there wasn’t a lot of discussion of how all of this change was impacting the…

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10 years, 10 innovations

Think back 10 years ago. Where were you? What technologies did you consider cutting edge and indispensable? Fast forward to today. What technology exists today that didn’t 10 years ago that you can’t imagine living without? Here’s a look at 10 technologies that have changed our personal and professional lives…

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