API Management Trends 2020

APIs revolutionized the digital landscape by introducing a new level of programming flexibility and ease of integration. Organizations turned to APIs to push innovation and creating an API economy. It was a key driver in the eCommerce industry, businesses like eBay leveraged APIs to generate additional revenue. eBay introduced APIs…

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API Monitoring

Monitoring APIs for Better Performance

In this week’s Tip Tuesday, we are focusing on API monitoring. APIs are a set of rules or standards, which extend the functionality of an application, allowing different applications and/or programs to interact. These little helpers are built with flexibility and ease of integration in mind. APIs simplify programming, allowing developers to build complex applications without having…

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Webhook Setup and Implementation

There’s no question that among the growing digital landscape, APIs play an indispensable role in allowing different tools, platforms, and devices to integrate with one another as seamlessly as possible. However, when devops and SRE teams are charged with monitoring the performance of many digital properties under their company’s control,…

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