Event in Review: Networking Field Day 23

Recently, Catchpoint participated in the virtual Networking Field Day.  As a presenting sponsor, we spoke about the importance of network monitoring and the shift in enterprises’ strategic initiatives supporting user experience monitoring. For an hour, the discussion focused on how the digital experiences for employees and customers are converging.  Enterprises…

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Event in Review: MIT Sloan CIO Digital Learning Series – The Post-Pandemic Workplace and Customer Experience

Since the annual MIT Sloan CIO Symposium had to be canceled this year, MIT made the decision to launch a CIO Digital Learning Series. Episode 3 was broken into two parts, beginning with a fireside chat on the post-pandemic workplace, moderated by Irving Wladawsky-Berger with Catchpoint’s CEO Mehdi Daoudi and Eash Sundaram, Executive Vice President, Chief Digital and Technology at JetBlue, which was followed by a panel led…

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Customer Experience Monitoring

Synthetics 101: Monitoring You Can Trust

Not all synthetic monitoring solutions are created equal. Some are newcomers that understand the value this technology brings to today’s global economy. Others are legacy providers in the APM space trying to become more relevant. Then there are well established DEM providers, which claim a worldwide presence, but on looking closer, in fact, have porous coverage and…

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Ecommerce Performance Management

Rethinking Ecommerce Performance Management

Our recent webinar on ecommerce performance management raised some really interesting and important questions around monitoring ecommerce applications to ensure exceptional user experiences during high traffic events. We featured experts from Akamai and Walmart who weighed in on rethinking monitoring strategies and discussed: How ecommerce companies prepare for high traffic…

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Delivering Customer-Centric IT Across the Globe with End-User Experience Monitoring

The world’s most successful companies understand that delivering a great customer experience is essential to their business success. Delivering on that mandate requires a different approach to monitoring—one that’s purpose-built to provide an outside-in view of their customers’ digital experience. This is particularly important to the beauty industry. A recent study…

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