Visualize Data With Catchpoint and Tableau

Improve Monitoring and Observability With The Catchpoint and Sumo Logic Integration

Sumo Logic is a cloud-based log management and analytics service that leverages machine-generated big data to deliver real-time IT insights. We’re excited to share that you can now easily integrate Catchpoint and Sumo Logic, giving you a number of fantastic benefits.   The integration involves pushing data from Catchpoint to Sumo Logic using Webhooks and then query the…

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Resolve Network and VPN Performance Problems Faster with Endpoint Monitoring

IT professionals are now adapting to remote environments and learning to manage a distributed, homebound workforce. In recent conversations with IT pros, many have cited that connectivity/VPN and home network issues are their top challenges but they lack the visibility to diagnose and troubleshoot these problems. Catchpoint for employee experience monitoring…

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HLS Monitoring with Catchpoint

In this tech tip, we are focusing on HLS (HTTP Live Streaming), a streaming protocol released by Apple in 2009. HTTP Live Streaming is widely used and it isn’t just limited to streaming services like Netflix or YouTube – it’s an important protocol for all content providers and CDNs. You’ll basically find HLS anywhere people want on-demand streaming. In this week’s video, we’ll…

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How to Set up an Integration with Slack

In this week’s tech tip, we are going to show you how to set up an integration with the instant messaging and collaboration app, Slack. These days, collaboration tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams are indispensable to the distributed workforce. In addition to being an instant messaging system that lets you bypass email, Slack has lots of add-ins for other workplace tools. These include the ability to deliver alerts (with any necessary supporting information) to the right team members, allowing…

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