Robot and human arm wrestling

Real user monitoring vs synthetic monitoring

Website monitoring solutions play a significant role in maintaining the performance, availability, and reliability of the digital world. The insight provided by monitoring tools is helping online applications improve while delivering a positive end-user experience. Performance of an application has a direct impact on factors that define a successful business,…

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Monitoring in the Gaming Industry

The gaming industry has created its own indispensable space in the online world, it is a multi-billion dollar industry bringing together avid gamers from every corner of the globe. The internet added a new dimension to the gaming universe, evolving from basic arcade games and video games to advanced gaming…

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Managing DNS Vendors with DNS Monitoring

At Catchpoint, we are constantly monitoring key websites and key infrastructure providers (DNS, Cloud…) to help our customers deliver a positive customer experience. We are always on the lookout for bottlenecks or latency that could impact application performance. Recently, we identified a DNS related issue impacting hundreds of our customers. Based…

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