The performance cost of micro-outages

In the digital world, application performance degradation and downtime are not rare occurrences. The impact such incidents have on end-user experience varies. The application may become slow and frustrating to use or, it could crash and impede user transactions. The severity of the issue and the MTTR (Mean Time to…

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Google BGP leak impacts hundreds of websites

There are multiple protocols and components that keep the complex Internet engine running. And just like any other well-oiled machine, it is important to regularly check whether it is functioning efficiently and delivering optimum performance. The internet is basically a circuit relaying data signals/packets across different paths. One of the…

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Robot and human arm wrestling

Real user monitoring vs synthetic monitoring

Website monitoring solutions play a significant role in maintaining the performance, availability, and reliability of the digital world. The insight provided by monitoring tools is helping online applications improve while delivering a positive end-user experience. Performance of an application has a direct impact on factors that define a successful business,…

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